FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How long should I learn Spanish?

This depends on your goals and your motivation. We recommend taking lessons a minimum of one week, upwards there is no limit. In order to receive a basic Spanish level for travelling, we recommend approximately two weeks lessons, depending on previous knowledge and learning speed.


However, if you study to live and work in a Spanish speaking country, you need Spanish lessons over a longer period.


We are happy to help you with your decision about how long you should study for your personal goals.



Should I book group or private lessons?

Basically, the learning success is higher if you book individual lessons. Especially for beginners it is favourable if the teacher can dedicate more to the students.

Group lessons bring the advantage that you will meet immediately people with similar interests that can support each other in the learning process and during your free time.



Do I need to have experience with the Spanish language?

No. Our teachers are specially trained to teach people from other countries with no Spanish language skills.



Do the teachers speak English?

Some teachers speak English very well, others speak less English. For the learning process it is not necessary to speak English. The lessons are entirely held in Spanish, in order to accelerate the learning process.



How old are the students?

The age of the students varies between 4 to 80 years.



When do the courses start?

In principle, the courses start on Mondays. However, you can begin your Spanish lessons on any another day as well.




By which criteria is my family selected?

All host families belong to the Ecuadorian middle class and are very open minded to foreigners / visitors. They are very warm and friendly people and are happy to welcome students into their families. We always try to find the right family for everyone, but if you are not happy with your family, you can change the host family without any problems. It is important for us that you feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience.



When do I get information about my host family?

As soon as possible you get contact details and personal information about your family. Usually, you will receive the information within three working days after your registration.



Is it possible to live together with another person with a family?

Yes, regardless of partnership or friendship, it is possible to stay together with another person in the same host family. We also have families with two single rooms.



Can I choose and book an accommodation on my own?

If you prefer to stay in a hotel/hostel to staying with a family, we can help you find a accommodation near the school thats suits your budget.



How long can I stay with my host family?

You can live with your family before the first day of classes and stay after the last day of classes. The duration of the stay can be handled very individual. Additional days will be charged separately.



Administrative information

How does the payment work?

You can pay in advance by bank transfer or directly in cash here in Otavalo. A bank transfer can be done in U.S. dollars to an Ecuadorian bank account or in Euros to a German bank account. If you pay in cash we only accept U.S. dollars.



How I can register and is there a deadline for the registration?

Normally, you register by mail. With the information provided in this form it is already possible to create an individual program for you. We are happy to answer your questions any time. Just send us an email.


There is no specific deadline for the registration. Your registration is possible until one day before the classes begin. Administratively, it's easier for us to start the planning as soon as possible.
If you are already in Otavalo, please feel free to come directly to our office.



Do I receive a certificate confirming the Spanish classes that I have taken?

Yes, every student will receive a certificate, issued with the duration of your studies and the approximate level you reached.



Can the school arrange an airport transfer?

Yes, of course we can organize a transfer from the airport of Quito (Mariscal Suctre) to Otavalo and back (please inquire about the price).



Can the school help me with my further trip planning?

Yes, of course we will give you tips for your trip in Ecuador and/or South America.



What support does the school offer in case of emergency?

As long as you are a student of our school, we take care of you 24/7. If a problem occurs, there is a 24-hour emergency telephone number. In case of accident or illness, we assume no responsibility. Therefore, we ask you to take out corresponding insurance before you travel (international health insurance, accident and liability insurance with worldwide coverage, possibly baggage insurance, etc.).



Does the school have internet access?

Yes, our school offers students unlimited access to our wireless network.



Otavalo and Ecuador

Is Otavalo a safe place?

Otavalo is a very safe place with a lot of friendly and helpful people.
In addition, Otavalo is not in the malaria-risk area. Malaria can occur only on the coast and in the Amazon, but no part of the country is considerd a high risk area.




Is Ecuador a safe country?

In general yes, only certain areas in the big cities Quito and Guayaquil are unsafe. If you know the potential hazards and act using common sense you should not have any bad experiences; however, in public transit especially, secure your luggage and any valuables.



Can the school organize trips around Otavalo?

Yes, of course we are pleased to organize trips for you.

For example, a visit at the indigenous market, Peguche waterfall, Taxopamba waterfall, Cuicocha lagoon, Mojanda lagoon, Lake San Pablo, Fuya Fuya, Imbabura, Ibarra, visiting indigenous communities and much more.

For more information, have a look at "Activities around Otavalo".



How is the climate in Otavalo?

Otavalo is located at an altitude of 2.550 meters above sea level. The climate is very mild. During the whole year the temperatures are between 15 and 25 ° C. Often, half of the day is sunny and the other half cloudy. The probability of rain is rather low, especially during May to October. Take care of the very intense solar radiation, because Otavalo is so close to the equator. You may get sunburnt very easily.



What type of clothes do I need in Otavalo?

We recommend long pants and a thin jacket. During the summer month, a t-shirt can be sufficient. But you should pay attention to the strong sun radiation. Sometimes you also need a raincoat. At night, it can be cooler due to the high altitude, temperatures may fall down to about 6 ° C. There are very few mosquitoes in Otavalo, but in the small communities outside are more mosquitos. However, there is no risk of malaria.





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