Family in Otavalo / Homestay

You will live with an Ecuadorian family. This is the best way to improve your Spanish skills in addition to the lessons. You also get an insight into the lifestyle of Ecuador, and see the cultural and social life of Otavalo first-hand. All host families live a maximum 20 minutes walking distance from the school and have experience with accommodating students. You will have your own room, the family offers a laundry service and you can choose whether you want two or three meals a day (vegetarian meals available).
It is possible to either live with a Spanish (mestizo) family or an indigenous family in the city center.

Family in the small communities around Otavalo / Homestay

You will live with an indigenous family in one of the small communities around Otavalo. Since this type of accommodation is located outside of Otavalo, you have to use public transport in order to get to the school in Otavalo. The transport fee is around 0.25 $ one way. In return you receive a lot of insights into the indigenous culture and you can attend indigenous rituals. We cooperate with families who produce typical local handicrafts or families with shamanic background. You will have a private room, a laundry service and two or three meals per day (vegetarian meals available).

Hotel / Hostel

If you prefer to live in one of the hotels or hostels of Otavalo, we are pleased to help you to make a suitable reservation. The hotels and hostels we offer have different types of rooms and are very good value for money.



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